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Meet Erika

Erika Everest believes that a good book is one that has dragons, vampires, or a map at the front – though she makes a special exception for Jane Austen. All of her stories – both published and in progress – have at least one of these elements, and many have two. She has yet to write a story with all three, but she hasn’t ruled it out!

Erika’s fairy tale inspired series, Tales from the Kingdoms of Fable, is available on Amazon and Kindle Unlimited. The prequel novelette, The Orphan Queen, is exclusively available when you sign up for her newsletter.

Erika is the former Managing Editor of Indie Author Magazine, and has co-curated eight anthologies in the past three years for 20Booksto50k® and LMBPN® Publishing. She likes to procrastinate writing fairytales by writing nonfiction books to help authors instead.

She lives with her husband and two children in Dublin, Ireland.