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Welcome to Fable


Welcome to the continent of Fable, where fairytales come to life.

If you enjoy strong heroines who refuse to wait to be rescued and the men who love and accept them wrapped in a fairytale bow, you’ll love this new series of interconnected fairytale retellings.

The Scarred Prince

A bitter and reclusive prince. A determined intruder. An unlikely friendship.

His face scarred from a witch’s curse, Prince Sebastian retreats inside his castle, resentful and angry. He shuns contact with everyone except the Red Hoods, the elite soldiers he trains and leads.

Four years ago, Sienna was kidnapped. Still traumatized by her ordeal, she needs to learn to protect herself to feel safe again, and she wants the Prince to train her.

Reluctantly, Sebastian agrees.

But long-held beliefs aren’t so easy to cast aside. Can the bitter soldier and the haunted girl overcome their demons? Or will their pasts rip them apart?

Beauty and the Beast meets Little Red Riding Hood in the first book in the Tales from the Kingdoms of Fable series.

The Golden Ball

A disguised princess. A friend in need. A desperate plan.

And one entitled prince standing in their way. 

To save her friend, Princess Natashya travels across the continent and goes undercover as a servant, Asha. But the enchanted golden ball that could help them is in the possession of the Prince, and his price for relinquishing it is the one thing Asha doesn’t have… time.

As the Midsummer Ball approaches, so does the deadline. Natashya’s involvement is risking her own Kingdom, but is she risking her heart as well?

The Frog PrinceCinderella, and Swan Lake collide in the second book in the Tales from the Kingdoms of Fable series.

The Princess Vow

Princess Aurora is not going to wait for a prince to rescue her.

Trapped in an enchanted sleep, Aurora uses her magical link to twelve other princesses to find out how to break the spell. But she also has to contend with the mysterious man who visits her in her sleep. Is he her protector as he claims, or is he her jailer?

Meanwhile, Aurora’s sister Rosebud and their friend Sienna are on a quest to find her. The three must work together to uncover the secrets of the past if they want to have a future. They made a blood vow to each other, and they are going to fulfil it: No princess left behind.

No matter what it takes.

Sleeping Beauty and Puss in Boots both feature in this third book in the Tales from the Kingdoms of Fable series.

The Orphan Queen (newsletter exclusive)

How does the girl who has never fitted in, find a place where she can belong? 

Marianne has always felt like an outsider in her small village, her dark skin setting her apart from the other girls at the orphanage. A chance meeting with a handsome prince opens her eyes to new possibilities, but is she brave enough to seize them? 

The Ugly Duckling meets Cinderella, in this fairytale mash-up novelette.